pre-gre post

so t -13 hours until i go take the damn GRE. i really can't wait until i'm done with it; at the same time i wish i'd taken preparation a bit more seriously... though i don't think i'm at risk of really sucking. whatever; it'll all be over soon, and like hell i'm going to pay another $150 to take the test again, no matter how poorly i do.

it'll be one more hoop down, i guess... and how many yet to jump through? i made a list today of the ETS codes for schools i'm thinking of applying to; i haven't really done much thinking or paring down of lists, or even writing emails to professors or anything. once the gre is done, i have to get started on that.

i've whittled it down to a list of 6 7 schools and 89 programs...
UW (2 programs?)
U of Oregon
Stanford (?)
Berkeley (??)

i've also been weighing relative merits of different schools and their respective environments. the west coast has the benefit of being close to home, as well as a much more moderate climate. the east coast has the benefit of being in the center of everything, but has disadvantages in being so far away and having so much weather.

in terms of ranking, or probability of me deciding to go there, assuming i get in everywhere on my list, right now the list stands at: UW, Oregon/UCSD (tie), UCSF/Stanford/Berkeley(tie), Harvard/Columbia. and since i'm not likely to get into harvard and noplace else... i'm not so sure why i'm applying to so damn many programs.



Anonymous said...

apply to all of them. Decide at your convenience which one fits you after you have conquered them.

Pare down nothing.

no worries about the GRE...

we know what your IQ is... you are vastly superior to the general populace. You are just good genetic stock.

just relax and show them what you know.

you'll ace it.

Anonymous said...

You should definitely apply to Harvard and other East coast schools!
1. I'd love to live closer to you
2. The East coast is charming and so dense (although I'm still partial to the West coast).
3. The weather really isn't so bad once you have the proper coat/boots/hat/gloves/long underwear.
4. Interview trips are a lot of fun and a good deal considering you just pay the application fee.
5. You're awesome, so you'll do well in applications. Also, I know that my program likes UW people.

-jamie fitz