monday monday monday

wow, that didn't feel like a weekend at all. flying out to spokane on friday night, wedding saturday, hangover and drive home sunday, not exactly relaxing and chillaxing. it was fun though, and it was great to see everyone on that side of the family - don't get to do that much.

and now it's monday morning, and i have to figure out what all i'm doing this week. besides riding bikes/buying bike parts/playing with bikes/fixing bikes. because i have to pay the bills... you know, that work thing.

contemplating entering a cyclocross race or two this fall, as if i didn't already have enough to do.

OK! time to work on writing. grant proposal + personal statements for grad school apps. whee!


verlaine said...

Bikes are like a disease. I finally sold off a couple to buy a canoe, and am down to the two Surlys now, so of course as soon as the money is in my hands I forget all about the canoe and start planning evil schemes to get a new mountain bike, even though one of the bikes I just sold was a mountain bike.

Bikes are evol.

Anonymous said...

Bikes are great.

I say draw the line...
at 9.