please stop loving me
please stop loving me
i am none of these things

-the cure

trying to curate a show of my own photography is a good way to ensure that i decide my camera sucks, my pictures suck, my eye sucks, my light sucks, and my show is going to suck.

i think i have the pictures picked out, but i'm panicking about resolution. i want to print at least 1 at like 12x16, but due to memory restrictions i shoot at 3MP, which means 2048x1536 pixels. when the shot is perfectly in focus that is ok, but. my shots are not always in perfect focus.

gah. i really overcommitted myself for this month. i'll be glad when it's over, when i have everything done. then next month - hey, i haven't mentioned this here yet! - i'm going to hawaii. fuck yes.


waking jonas said...

ok. joining a hipster cycle club i can handle. moving to capitol hill and converting to fixed gear i can deal with. but i absolutely have to draw the line at quoting cure lyrics in blogs. :P

Anonymous said...


and who says it is bad to quotelyrics... Would you diss Clive Barker for it... or Srchye Lukyananko?...methinks nawt...

the cure rock!:
"Whenever I'm alone with you
You make me feel like I am young again
Whenever I'm alone with you
You make me feel like I am fun again"

but of course FOTN is better...

"it moves between us
for one moment
like opium and your heart
we've remedys from the ancient gods
to heal the morals of our shadow "

and of course some Nefilim...

"In a fatal world,
They're afraid of what she brings
In an unknown world
There are fears of nothing "


hail satan, take good drugs, be a terrst...
and all that fun stuff...


waking jonas said...

i just love the cure too much to let me be associated with the soil of blog ink.

new wave songs were not meant to be dismembered from the music. take another look at the lyrics you quoted:

"whenever i'm alone with you, you make me feel like i am young again

whenever i'm alone with you, you make me feel like i am fun again"

DEEP. it's only beautiful when robert smith sings it and makes me want to have sex with him (if he hadn't disintegrated into troll man).

i specifically said cure lyrics, as quoting lyrics isn't against wakingjonas law...

but taliesin here has gone highly overboard with his moonspell. i shun you both. <3

Anonymous said...

taliesin... not the first time I have been associated with that fellow...

he was a bit too wordy for me though...

Kat said...

for some reason i have the feeling that if i went through all your archives at lj i could find some instance of cure lyrics. not sure it's worth the effort, just a hunch i have.

oh and i know a large number of people who would be offended by your reference to point eight three as a "hipster cycle club." we are a motley band of ruffians who ride bikes and drink twice a week, not a bunch of hill kids on fixies wearing girl pants. though there are some girl-pant-wearing, fixie-riding hill kids for sure, it is by no means a fair generalization about the group in general.

waking jonas said...



nope! though i'm sure i posted plenty of other lyrics, but if i ever did post them i didn't say who it was. that's definitely a search even i don't want to do.

and the hipster reference was quite tongue in cheek. i know how the pointythrees feel about the hipster classification.