liek woah.

what the frack?

why did i just say frack?

i just finished up season 2 of BSG. um... what? what the frack do those cylons think they're doing? how will i survive the Galactica-free months to come? and will i actually start watching this show on fracking friday nights, when it's on? sigh.


Jamie said...

Cute! Your hair! Neato :)

Also, yes, feed the BSG-goodness. I need to catch up.

Stefika said...

WOW! Discovering mutant genes? AMAZING, wish I was as smart as you, or cool enough to cut my hair in that awesome 'do! The hair looks amazing! And I'm so excited that you are still smart! I'm still dumb but somehow going somewhere? hehe jk jk. Hope the weather looks up here too! Good luck with everything!

Brian said...

Your hair rocks!

I'm personally going to figure out a way to hibernate until next season.

Becky said...

wow!!! you're SO hot! :P

also, i'd just like to say that i've got dibs on both lee and kara :)

kat said...

:D whatever, you can't dibs a TV character. They're for all of us to share.