it seems to be spring

how the fuck did i live 23 years on this planet without having heard of tegan and sara? i feel like i've been deprived of something important my whole life. i literally can't stop listening. most new music you listen to once or twice, and then you put it down for awhile lest you get sick of it. but i've had the albums "if it was you" and "so jealous" on repeat for the last FIVE DAYS and i'm still not sick of it.

in other music news, fiona is coming through on july 3rd... fuck if i'm going to miss that!

oh, and the yeah yeah yeahs show on tuesday was a fucking blast. it was a little out of hand for awhile there, but it seems like no one got hurt (ok, i got a little bruise on one arm) and everyone had fun. i left my camera in the car unfortunately (or fortunately, because with that crowd it might have "disappeared") so i don't have any pics. let it be said, though, that karen o is one of the best performers on the planet, and i have to know how she can scream for so long without losing her voice. maybe it's just a lot of practice. or maybe she's an alien. yes, that must be it.

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Mike said...

Hey, I was at the YYY show too! But I was deperately trying to mix rocking out in the front with the caution that comes from nursing a recently broken arm. Karen O is teh rock.