i should be going to bed, but instead i'm blogging and having another handful of white chocolate chips ohhh man these are good. plus i don't have to get to class until 9:00 tomorrow. today my invert zoology class took a field trip to edmonds, where we hung out on the public docks in between all the rich people's boats, and laid down on the dock and stuck our heads over the edge so we could see the critters living underneath.

my favorite invertebrate phylum is echinodermata.

it was awesome to see all the little spineless critters hanging around... this starfish was one of the biggest we saw, but the tiny ones didn't photograph quite so well.

it's really hard to take an in-focus photo of things that are underwater.

other than field trips and such, things are going awesomely well right now. i think i'm going to boston in june, which i'm totally stoked about. after much deliberation, this afternoon i bought one of these (in silver) - it should be here at the end of the week - and a helmet to match. it comes "some assembly required" but after reading through the directions on the website it looked more like an hour's worth of work than a job for a licensed mechanic, so i decided to just go for it. i'm pretty excited - i've been wanting a scooter for a long time, and the price was reasonable.

anyway, now it is bedtime.

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