ohh, gregor mendel

so i'm back at work after my first bio 180 lecture. it looks like, at this point, there's a roughly 84% chance of me getting into the class. There are 5 spots open and 6 people raised their hands in lecture to the question, "who is trying to get into the class?" so that's pretty rad. the class looks like it'll pretty much be a breeze, but i'm going to actually buckle down and study hard no matter how easy it seems, so i can be that fucker that makes the curve. :D though i won't know for sure until thursday whether i'm in or not. i have to go to the first lab section thursday morning and hope.

i totally forgot to bring something to write with to lecture today, so i had to borrow a pen. on the first day. why does that always happen to me? :p oh well.

anyway this class is on evolution, mendelian genetics, and biodiversity. the biodiversity part sounds super-cool because there are field trips involved. one of which is to friday harbor, and one of which is to the olympic peninsula. fuckin' sweet. i really want to do the friday harbor one. because san juan island has to be beautiful. also, i love sea critters.

meh. so now i have to go buy the lab manual. and if i get into the class i'll have to buy the textbook too. and pay tuition. :p i'm pretty sure my parents are going to help out with that one... since i'm poor.

so now i'm stuck at work for a long time since i skipped out on 2 hours to go to class. tomorrow i'm going to get up earlier so i can get to work by about 7:30 or 8 so that i don't have to stay until 7pm to make up for my missed lecture time. whee.


the pants said...

ahhhh the san juan islands are so purty! i can see them from my house, the one i grew up in i mean. field trips rule.

waking jonas said...

i used to go to Lopez and Orcas as a kid with my family & friends. i made driftwood forts.

i like forts.

nimble said...

that's not fair. i want to go on field trips and see critters!

kat said...

meh, the friday harbor field trip is of course full. i'll probably go on one of the olympic peninsula ones... see lots of rainforest :D

waking jonas said...


hehe i'm just kidding

kat said...

hm, i haven't seen any rainforest around here anywhere... nope, none in this state. :p