had an odd dream last night - it was about my cousin's wedding. (he's getting married in july. which is so weird to me.) anyway, we were getting ready for the wedding, and evidently it turned out that his fiancee is some minor royalty, so the queen of england was going to be there, even though it was a really informal, small ceremony. so everyone was fussing about, getting ready for the queen. and the wedding. there was also something in there about trying to get my mom set up to use my old ipod (as if i had an old one going unused), but we couldn't find a dongle (not sure why it was called that) to convert firewire to usb, and the ipod kept giving us friendly error messages. it was kind of funny and sarcastic. then, as we were sitting down for the wedding (someone had offered me a juice with vodka in it - seemed a little early, but i took it since it was stressful times, the queen was coming!) and suddenly a tree in the yard was on fire. so i started screaming and pointing, and no one would look the right way. i tried to call 911, but i got a phone maze ("thank you for calling 911 emergency services. all our agents are currently on the line.") and then i woke up.


the pants said...

i had a dream during lunch that i was falling down my house stairs. i woke up and i was kicking the magazines on the coffee table in front of me and two city employees were looking at me funny. whoops.

dongle is a fucking cute word!

kat said...

that happened to me a lot in high school physics. my teacher was boring, so i'd start to nod off... and then i'd be skating down the sidewalk and i'd hit a bump and i'd jump and suddenly i'm awake and i just twitched, and people are staring. wtf is up with that?

i had this wine the other night called "wrongo dongo." i bought it because of that name. werd.