is wayne brady gonna have to chokeabitch?

i hate people today. all of them. i've been having violent fantasies all week. this morning on the bus i repeatedly shot a kid on the bus with my pretend-gun because he kept asking the driver dumbass questions. also because he was poorly dressed with thick glasses with clip-ons. honestly, who wears clip-ons anymore? at least they weren't flipped up. i guess i'm just prejudiced against the socially inept.

then today before lunch some bitch called demanding payment for some cd-rom her company sent me without solicitation. when they called before it was shipped i said, no, i don't want it! and then they sent it. and i was like, ok, whatever. then today, i got a $417 invoice for the damn thing. for a fucking CD-ROM! i mean, honestly, if you're going to overcharge, at least use up-to-date media. i could deal with paying $417 for a holographic information card. or maybe a 2GB memory stick. but a CD-ROM, hell no. so i sat there and tried to get it resolved, all the while wishing i had a "choke-a-bitch" button on my phone.

then on the bus on the way back from lunch some coworker of jared's started going off on pussy liberals talking about their feelings. oh. my. god. i only had 2 blocks until my office so i kept my mouth shut, all the while seething inside as these two coworkers of his proceeded to talk about why mexicans are bad for the u.s. economy and how they are just here to rape and kill people. duh, that's why our prison system is 30% immigrants! yeah, well maybe these people became violent criminals after they arrived in the us and realized how fucking stupid the people here are, and decided that maybe they deserve to be killed.

i also had a violent episode on wednesday night playing mario party. i had hoped that would get all the anger out of my system, but nope, people kept on pissing me off yesterday and today. dammit. at least he didn't turn around and call me an abusive girlfriend and a horrible person and make me feel guilty on top of my anger like a certain ex of mine did.

so yeah, it's been anger-management week for kat. i just don't get why i've been so twacked out. i blame the new birth control. i suppose it's a small price to pay to not worry about popping out a kid or two while i'm not paying attention...


waking jonas said...

i've had to deal with that kind of thing a bit too. i've adopted a no-send-nothing policy. information packets? no. flyer? no. nuh uh. nothing. there are so many companies running scams like that. send it back with the invoice and hang up on her when she calls.

the pants said...

this is what alcohol is for. drink away your anger, or else enrage it chemically and let it loose on unsuspecting bottles-upon-sidewalks. or! go see spoon! their beautiful britpop glory will erase the pain of a thousand morons.

that said, a "choke-a-bitch" button would be a welcome addition to my work phone as well.

Tiffany said...

I still love you Kat! <3 <3 <3 <3 See 4 hearts... lots of love.

Brian said...

I know how you feel. I've been feeling this apocalyptic rage boiling in me all week. Alcohol does sound like a good idea.