three day weekend down the drain. oh well, i got a lot done. hung out with people, got a lot of my shit moved, did a lot of stuff around the house. our apartment is starting to come together. we got a new catbox the other night because our old one was one-kitty size, and so if you left it for two days without cleaning it got scary. our new one is huge though, so it's all good. it has a door though to the consternation of frida, so it's funny to watch her try to get in. she does make it eventually.

yoga tonight was a bitch. it was hotter than usual, which meant i started sweating during the first breathing exercise, before i even started working out, and by the time the class was over i'd completely soaked two towels. it is unusual that it's this hot. but due to the heat, and the fact that i didn't eat much protein today, it was a really hard class. i had to lay down a few times and rest, i usually don't have to do that so it was sort of frustrating. oh well, i made it through alive. and the endorphins are great.

in other news, it's martin luther king day. bush gave an address honoring dr. king. yeah, you're really fucking carrying on his legend, you dumbfuck. all evidence taken from his behavior and remarks during his life suggest that he'd be fighting for gay marriage today, not against it like one of his daughters had the audacity to suggest. gah. fucking fundies.

also, vaguely related: watch harold and kumar go to white castle. beyond being a fucking funny stoner movie, it's also a very intelligent critique on our perceptions of race in america. i personally am on the edge of my seat waiting for the sequel, harold and kumar go to amsterdam.



Andy said...

Such a good movie... Team America is as well.

Anonymous said...

Kat, you are the fifth person I know who watched that this weekend, including myself. H+K fans unite!