i got a new phone today. it's an lg flip phone. i like it waaaaay better than my little nokia candy bar - the keys on that phone always pissed me off. but this new one is far better, and best of all it was free. woohoo!

in other news, i'm a spoiled bitch who takes way too much for granted. i'm sitting here with a powerbook and a new phone, in a heated apartment with furniture and clean water and cable tv and wireless fucking internet, and yet on the other side of the planet, they are still finding dead bodies by the thousands and so many people have lost so much. i had this idea, where the peace corps should have a massive temporary membership drive, and organize volunteers to spend two weeks in asia helping out. i would go. i think a lot of people would.


Anonymous said...

I got a phone recently, too. It's not a cool lil' flip phone, but free is a good price and I like it. Plus, the J tells me we're all Cingular bitches, so we can have a massive inter-network calling orgy! I'm going to use my phone like a walkie talkie sometime since we get free calls to each other *grin*.

Anonymous said...

P.S. That was Ruben :)