so i got unzipped from netflix last night, oh my god. what an amazing movie. it's a documentary about isaac mizrahi putting together his 1994 fall/winter collection, so it's basically an hour of him, in all his fabulousness, and then about 15 minutes of runway action. both of these are incredible. isaac mizrahi is infinitely watchable, he's such a crazy genius it's ridiculous. plus, there's plenty of naomi campbell in all her 1994 glory - i'm not such a fan of people like her, cindy, linda, etc now - but in their heyday they were INCREDIBLE. there is a reason that she became a supermodel. i watched the runway part twice in a row, just to soak in naomi strutting it. she was in-fucking-credible.

and the whole time, all i could think was "jesus, i want to do that."

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