So I thought Fox News was just being sensationalistic, but as it turns out, there really is an arson spree going on in Seattle. There don't seem to be any answers on whether or not these fires are related to the one last weekend that nearly burned down my brand-new apartment building - and did melt some of the vinyl siding off of the back wall. (From where I sit now, on the balcony, I can see where that building was, and how fucked-up the next building over is... it's about half-gutted. Disturbing.) And now, a quote from Mayor Greg Nickels, whom I think should sound exactly like Mayor Quimby: "We're not going to speculate on who this might be. But we will find them and we will bring them to justice." My ass.

Funny yet morbid sidenote: while I was walking up to my apartment on the first day it was mine, 2 days after the fire, I thought, "Hmm... I smell barbecue." Then I turned the corner and saw the charred remains of a condominium building. Yeeeeah.

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