Hmm. This weekend was kind of eventful, in a wholesome way. Saturday we helped Jared's aunt and uncle move into a fucking sweet elementary school that is now an artist's co-op. It was fun. And in exchange for helping them move his uncle is going to shoot me. With a camera, dumbass. I'm finally finding my balls, and I'm going to go in to seattle models guild for an open interview. and hopefully walk out with a modeling contract. But having a professional shoot me for my interview photos is like, the best ever, because if you don't have any professional pictures no one is going to hire you, and what's the point of having a contract if you don't ever get any gigs?

I also got to go to Ikea this weekend and I got an awesome bookshelf that is now in my room. It's huge and holds all my crap - it's wonderful.

My cat has worms. She has an appointment at Cat Clinic of Seattle tomorrow at 5:30 to hopefully take care of the worms. YUCK. But it'll be nice to establish a relationship with a vet in case the unthinkable happens... because I love my baby girl. I bought her a new collar this weekend - it's pink with rhinestones!! And it has a jingle bell on it. SO CUTE. She looks so prissy in it... I love it.

It's finally acting like it's really Seattle and has started to rain. The past few days have been in the 60s and rainy - i LOVE it. It's also been pretty windy... I love this kind of weather. But it still baffles me that Seattlites can't drive in the rain. It's their native environment, and they're totally confused by it. I don't get it.

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Lauren said...

that's the same bookshelf we have in the apartment!! it rocks.