I had a series of interesting thoughts a few nights ago, came to some realizations about our society and the future thereof.
1) There will never be another Elvis. A pop star with such mass appeal is becoming less and less likely as the population grows and the Internet and other forms of communication bring us closer to people that are farther away. Also, the advent of technology has brought about so many new forms of music that our tastes are diversifying. Everybody loved Elvis. It's not happening again.
2) Television is becoming more and more democratic. Reality television is hardly a travesty; it was an inevitability. Half the people on TV now are "ordinary" people escaping from their everyday lives for awhile, not "stars." Greta Garbo and Cary Grant were borderline royalty. Now, TV stars have a little more money than everyone else, but they're not exactly treated like kings. 3) Supermodels are a thing of the past. Modeling is becoming a career rather than a star path. Read September's Vogue for backup on that.
4) The culmination of evolution will be Nirvana. We're getting close but as long as consciousness is tied to organic bodies it cannot be achieved.

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