so on my way back from class today i stopped by and talked to lisa, who is our "resident student affairs specialist" or basically our office lady. she had chocolate. i took 2 dove promises - a milk one and a dark one. i love dove promises because they're like fortune cookies but there's none of this "hard work make you money in long run" shit, it's all just sappy little messages. and chocolate is better than fortune cookie anyway. the first one i opened had this inside:

"It's the anticipation that makes the pleasure."

so true, so true.

the second one was:

"Eating chocolate is like giving yourself a big hug."

I just hugged myself. Twice. hooray for chocolate.

this morning: me203. best class EVAR. this afternoon: me203 lab. i'm excited about it, the machine shop intrigues me, but it's a little intimidating. oh well. i'm overwhelmingly excited about learning how to make shit out of metal. how fucking cool is that. i'll write more about my possible term projects later, now i'm going to power nap so that i don't fall asleep during lab - which is from 1 to 5. ewwww.

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