Wow, this is bordering on the latest I've ever hauled my lazy ass out of bed. I really need to work on this whole "i need a lot of sleep" thing and get myself back down to 8 or 9 hours a night. At the most. Having morning classes next year (which I assume I will) will help with that. As will living in a dorm with 172 freshmen.

I had a dream that my roommates rearranged all the furniture in our room except for mine, and that Lyndsie moved her bed into the closet and Heather turned hers into a couch. And none of our lamps would work, even though we had like seventeen of them. And then I dreamed about stealing some sort of mythical substance that was stored i a Heineken bottle from a grocery store. I walked out with it in my hand. No security guards even blinked. One of them asked if it was "that stuff" and asked if I knew how it was. I told him I'd let him know.

I think I need to stop sleeping. My dreams are starting to freak me out.

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