Someone needs to learn that being woken up before 11AM and bitched at because the printer isn't working and you need it working NOW dammit because your paper is due today, never mind the fact that you and several other people in the house have known the printer has been broken for almost 4 days and no one, not one, has informed ME, the RCC, is not the way I like to start my day.

Oh and also, if you're going to bust in on me and tear me from precious slumber, you had fucking better close the goddamn door when you leave. I'm a-fucking-sleep. Jesus.

Oh, and also, if you knew the printer was broken on MONDAY why did you wait until FRIDAY MORNING to tell me about it, and then get all huffy when I acted tired and asked if I could look at it LATER (as in, AFTER I GET UP) and respond with a "fine, but I know a lot of people have things to print."???? There's only one answer.

You're a whore.

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