it's kind of funny. i meant to go to bed, but i got distracted by megatokyo. that was like 2 hours ago. and then i went and got a mountain dew, and now i'm 257 comics into the series. it's surprisingly good. no wonder people have been telling me for years that i should read it.... heh.

funny how something like that can make me so emo. well, not that i haven't been emo recently anyway (for no apparent reason, no less) but still, the cute little stories that seem to always have tragic endings... it's so counterintuitive for something involving fictional characters, i guess... even if they are computer geeks and japanese schoolgirls.

oh well, at least it's cliche. i can rationalize.

man, i'm back to my good old self again. i've been distracted by relationships for the majority of the past three years, but man, I feel just like the old me again. the me who can relate to fucking ataris and alkaline trio lyrics and who stays up all night reading manga-style cartoons about the guy who just never quite manages to get the girl.

i think it's safe to say that i'm finally over the breakup.

i keep calling it that. "the breakup." but i guess there's not much else i can use to describe it. it was a breakup, and it wasn't just any breakup - it was the first time in my 20 years of life that i've truly had my heart broken by someone that i realistically thought that i had a chance at forever with (and who seemed to feel the same way for so long).

hm, okay, enough waxing poetic. it's 4:20 now. AM.

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