september eleventh

it's hard to believe it's been five years. and that means i missed my five-year bloggiversary not too long ago. anyway, a moment of silence in memory of those who died, and another in memory of those civil rights and liberties we are continuing to lose as a reactionary result of that tragic day.


anyway, back to happy stuff. i'm here at barcroft lab, near the summit of white mountain, and i feel like i'm getting acclimated to the altitude here (12,470 feet; 3800 meters). it's been interesting: getting into and out of bed, climbing a flight of stairs, just walking 50 meters up the road can really knock the breath out of you. but i'm making some great new friends and having a fucking blast, and i really wish i didn't have to leave this place on thursday.

tonight a bunch of us are walking up to the summit (14,247 feet; 4324 meters) and spending the night up there. (theoretically. i am still reserving the right to turn around and come back down before bed, but i figure if i don't at least try to sleep up there i'm going to regret it.) there's a hut at the summit with a few bunks, and even if i don't get a bunk (or a bunk to myself) it's still out of the wind and cozier than sleeping in a tent.

anyway, without further ado: some of my pictures. (more here.)

here's me in front of a bristlecone pine; unfortunately, not the largest one in the world, which is right behind this one. these trees are fucking amazing: they live to be 5000 years old and are the oldest known living organisms. they're pretty cool too because they can die off parts of the tree while the rest keeps on living. pretty amazing adaptation to the harsh conditions up here.

here's a taste of the scenery. like being on the moon.

anyway, more pictures from the summit hike to follow... barcroft out!

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