so brian and i went to bumbershoot yesterday, and a good time was had.

rogue wave was pretty boring, so we went to find food, and then got ourselves a good spot for Of Montreal.

let's pretend we don't exist... let's pretend we're in antarctica!

they were pretty good... they sure know how to rock out, and i just love their music.

but the highlight of the day was by far and away LADY SOVEREIGN.

this girl knows how to throw down the rhymes. mad skillz. and shit.

all in all, it was a good day. i'm thinking next year it's all about the 3-day pass and spending all day each day there. since there are some killer acts today and monday and i'm mad that i couldn't afford to go more than just one day. but it was definitely mad fun.

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Mike said...

Arrrgh! Of Montreal was at Bumbershoot? Dadgummit. They rock. Hope you enjoyed it extra for me.