wednesday, may 10, 2006. probably one of the most stressful days of my life thus far. two midterms. not one, but two. and my grandpa had fucking open heart surgery. needless to say i didn't sleep much last night, which probably has something to do with my complete lack of energy today. but, i made it through the 2 midterms (though i spontaneously started crying during the first one, when i got to a question that i didn't have a goddamn clue about), and grandpa made it through the surgery too. phew. doesn't mean it's all better though, since i'm pretty sure i fucked up the invertebrate zoology midterm, which means i'm going to have to dedicate myself more fully to the final project, whee. i hope i did okay on o-chem though. sigh. we'll see. sigh.


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