how have i survived 23 years without ever tasting the crunchy deliciousness that is skippy crunchy peanut butter? ok, i'm definitely feeling the guilt over the partially hydrogenatedness, but mmmm! yum!

i came to the realization yesterday that almost all of my protein comes from soybeans and nuts. actually probably all of my protein for the last few days. i haven't had chicken in weeks, fish in about a week, and beef in i don't even know how long. instead i'm eating tofu, edamame, cashews, peanuts, and the like. weird. i seem to have unknowingly become a vegetarian, but while i'm at it, why the fuck not? it's cheaper, plus i get to be all morally high and mighty and stuff. though i'm not going to stop eating fish or other seafood, because really, i can't convince myself that wild-caught salmon shouldn't be eaten every once in a while. (aside from ecological/over-fishing concerns that is.) on the other hand, it's easy to argue that imprisoning cows in a factory and slurping their juices out with mechanical suckers is cruel and shouldn't be condoned.

i wonder what the limiting amino acid in soy protein is.

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