i promise, more has been going on than just wallowing in self-pity over my rejection letter. i have a date with an admissions counselor on monday to discuss my application (and, with any luck, bamboozle them into letting me in). and if that fails, then i'll just have to wait until winter, because if i apply to the actual major i want, and write an essay about why i want to do it, and show them my bio 180 grade, there's no way they will turn me down. i'll be like rudy.

edward is hot and annoying in this weather. i'm also out of sake, so i might have to go to the market to retrieve some. i feel like fresh fruit too... perhaps blueberries. mmmmmm.

i've kind of taken over jared's sims game. our sims had a baby who is now a kid. is it weird that the sims brings out my maternal instinct and i very fleetingly find myself wishing i had one? don't worry, i'm not going to have one. not until i've got at least two academic degrees. that's my plan, at least. i almost put the phrase "at least" in those last two sentences a total of four times. i cut it down to two. go me. but whatevs.

speaking of silly little word-shortenings, i got an evite to a fashion industry event that repeatedly refers to "models, photogs and designers." i can hear the girl that sent me the evite saying it, too... "so did you get a photog for this? it was supposed to be tfp..." haha. oh well, i'll probably go, since it's free food and a chance to get boozed up on a thursday night. i need to make some comp cards before then. ergh.

speaking of models, i ran into anna (say it with a long A, not a short one) from the neodandi show on the bus. didn't get to talk to her much since she got on the stop before i got off, but it was cool to see her... odd that we always run into each other. actually, i suppose not, because we live like 7 blocks apart in a neighborhood that is very outdoor friendly. she's pretty cool.

speaking of on the bus, i sat across from an anorexic girl on the way home today. i couldn't stop staring. fortunately she was oblivious, absorbed in her book and her very slowly nibbled baby carrots. this was my inner monologue. "oh god, look at her wrists! holy crap she's hairy. i shouldn't be staring. oh, poor girl. man, watch the self-restraint as she nibbles those carrots. man, i'm lucky i'm not genetically predisposed to anorexia, since there have definitely been times that i've cultivated unhealthy eating habits. wow, her skin looks terrible. look at those calves. i bet she's a runner, too. wow, it sucks to be her." i'm going to hell.

if there were any such thing as hell. ha. instead, i'm going to the market after fresh fruits and sake. mmmmmmm.


the pants said...

ha ha! nice rudy reference. plus you're way hotter so they have to say yes. ps thanks again for fixing my shitty toga.

kat said...

yeah, rudy is my hero. if nothing else, dude had perserverance.

except i really don't wanna have to play football... i don't think i'm built for that.

Whatsername said...

i met rudy once, he was neat.

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