big weekend.

flickr is being poopy, but hopefully by the time i'm done writing this i'll have pictures.

so the summer of fun continued last weekend with a jaunt out to tessa's hometown, tahuya. (also known as god's country*).

it was cool because saturday was the annual Tahuya Day parade complete with horses and floats and people in golf carts. and this guy.

i got the feeling that he wasn't particularly dressed up.

tessa's dad makes great bloody marys.
her family enjoys a variety of boating-related activities, including kayaking and water skiing. unfortunately, no pictures of those, as i was paranoid about getting my camera soggy. but it was amazingly fun. i love kayaking. and water skiing. i'm not very good at swimming, though, i've discovered. probably because hood canal is still part of puget sound and thus really really cold, and when i jumped in my body went into slight shock and i couldn't breathe well. also i have no body fat to make me float.
so we spent saturday enjoying tahuya day and then when the tide came in we took the kayaks out, and then took the ski boat out for a zip around the canal. it was overcast and too damn cold to ski, but we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. i sat in the front of the boat with a shit-eating grin on my face giggling every time tessa hit the throttle or went over another boat's wake.
saturday night we 'sploded things.

and on sunday i got a monstrous sunburn on my legs, because i decided though i needed sunscreen everywhere else, legs don't get sunburned. what. the. fuck. i also got up on the first try on water skis (go me!) and even managed to wakeboard a little. i was the undisputed water sports champion. no one else even went swimming (wussies).
sunday night was fireworks up on the hill. that's where that first panorama shot came from.
and this was me on monday evening when we finally got home, pooped and doing my "i miss kayaking after dinner" face.

*i mean this in an entirely non-ironic way. as in, this is a place that is as god intended. for all theoretical values of "god."


the pants said...

that first fireworks picture is amazing. sounds fun!

waking jonas said...

i love your disclaimer.

but no really, tahuya is god's country. it's her fucking tricked out pad man.

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