so yesterday we went down to the village and spent a bunch of money. i got a really hot green top and a bomb-ass pair of sunglasses at lucky, and jared got some pants. then i bought a bunch of hair product at bartells. this is because i need extreme conditioning shampoo and conditioner due to the fact that my hair is now very, very blonde. (i would post pictures, but i am at this moment at work, and also lazy.) i need to stop spending money, but really, i love having stuff. after work today i have a meeting with a potential client - that fashion show that i mentioned the other day. hopefully this will go well and they will love me - and want to pay me.

marcellus wallace, my black moor goldfish, died too. orange-fish seems like he might pull through though. this means i get to buy new goldfish though, hooray! (I should wait until everyone is healthy and do several water changes before getting new fish though.)


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