ahh, friday. finally. edward, if you are going to lay there on my chest you would do well to move your tail off of the keyboard so i don't poke it while i'm typing. and stop pawing my face.

i have a silly kitty. he loves nothing more than to paw my face and smell my mouth. somehow i get the feeling that most people don't let their kitties do this.

anyway, it is friday. and edward is now trying to remove my hoop earrings with his front paw. brilliant.

speaking of brilliant, i've been doing a little more planning on this idea of going to london in september. air canada, it looks like, can get us there for about $650 round trip. british air is about 50 bucks more, but it's nonstop, and you get free booze. i'm leaning toward BA. hostels start at around 10 quid a night (i'm already starting to think like a londoner) but easyhotel is only 5 quid if you book well in advance. i'm hoping to score a reservation there, because that would bring lodging costs down to like, 50 or 60 pounds. which is what you'd pay a night at a nicer hotel. i'm pondering whether to include a chunnel trip to paris for two nights would be worth it - or just spend alll two weeks in london? i'm leaning towards going, just to say i've been there. and to do the eiffel tower. i admit it, i'm a damn tourist.

so with transportation and lodging, we're somewhere in the 1000 dollar range. which is what i was planning, and i think is the cheapest it can be done for, but it means it's going to take some lobbying to get jared to agree to come.

i have a kitty bathing himself between me and my computer. it kind of surprises me how much edward has warmed up to me. i thought it'd never happen.

i need to start going to yoga again. i can afford it now.


Mike said...

paris is BORING. stay in london.

Anonymous said...

Flying is almost always cheaper than the chunnel.

And paris is totally worth it. It's a much cleaner city than london.

Iron Jawed Angel said...

Hey, it's jamie..

Don't spend all 2 weeks in London. Get a Brit Rain pass. Go to Edinburgh (rdtrip train 70ish pounds, rdtrip overnight bus 35pds). Visit Bath or Hastings. The Cotswalds (definitely!!! and have cream tea at a nice lil tea house) and the Lake District. York is great too if you can make it.
London is expensive and overrated, but a good home base. Go to Camden Market in London. Cheap clothes, great bartering, hot punks, leads to parties. If you go to Paris, make sure the Louvre is open on the day you go (I think it's closed on Tuesdays).