my doctor's physicians' assistant gets my vote for biggest dumb-dumb of the year. evidently when she was trying to reschedule me for an earlier appointment, she DELETED the old appointment for today, so when i went in today everyone looked at me like a moron. Yay. she lost all semblance of credibility with me the day she told me that i needed to take my birth control for a "full 30 days" before it would become effective. First of all it comes in packs of 28, not 30. AND second of all, let's review the female reproductive system. Youre supposed to start taking the pills the day your period starts. You're not fertile then, and won't be for 14 days. So you'll have about 2 weeks worth of the drug in your body by the time you're supposed to ovulate, and it suppresses ovulation. Yes, even the first month. So, if no egg pops out, no spermy can meet with an egg, and no baby results. I guess they didn't teach her that in the 2-year degree she's got. You'd think it would include a basic anatomy class... evidently not.

ok. /rant.

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