so i figured out my mom's ulterior motives in making such an awesome dinner last night (gazpacho, shrimp with lemon basil butter sauce, and parfait): she wants me to cook tonight. i'm so not a cook. so i'm making all i know how: sushi. and i'm attempting tempura. we'll see how that works out. also making edamame. and i might go out and see if i can find some green tea ice cream but i'm not sure. i'm also trying to decide if it's worth driving all the way to grapevine for sushi ginger or if i should just do without. hmmm... decisions decisions.

man. why the hell am i so hungry? i actually ate lunch. i don't understand how i can be more hungry for having eaten 6 shrimp and a banana and several cheez-its than for having eaten nothing at all since breakfast, like i do most days.

i'm having another hot day. i just feel good today. i'm also unable to stop thinking about sex 24/7. maybe there's a correllation.

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