library books! weeeee! time for bathing suit, beach towel, diet mountain dew, and poolside reading. now the question is, finish trainspotting, or start the princess bride, or dubliners? or something else? hmmmm... maybe library books should be read inside, and i should finish trainspotting outside, where it might get wet and crinkled.

yummy, books. i considered checking out finnegan's wake in an effort to find books that will last me more than a day, but after reading two pages of it (yes, it took me about 15 minutes) i decided that that's a book you can't really check out from the library and expect to be done with in two weeks. that and you can't just pick it up and casually read it, you have to get hella into it, even more so than trainspotting. so, no stream-of-consciousness irishmen for me today, just scottish dudes who say "cunt" a lot.

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