Branner Hall, room 170 here I come. Yes, that's the room across from Kennell (the weird, old resident fellow) but I think I can handle him. Plus, this room is a corner room, so it has 2 windows. The other RCC room only had one tiny window.

    Changes in Branner:
  • They renumbered the entire building - it used to be that even rooms were on the right side and odd rooms were on the left. Now, low-numbered rooms are on the right and high-numbered on the left. I guess it makes more sense this way, but it's less nostalgic for me.
  • The third floor is coed - and has one bathroom. We'll see how this works out - I think I would have been slightly freaked as a freshman sharing a bathroom with guys. But that's the way it's going to be.
  • There's an elevator. It goes from the ground floor to the first floor on the right side to the second floor. My half of the first floor, however, isn't handicapped accessible.
  • The laundry room will have 8 washers and 16 (sixteen!!!!) dryers. Best of all, next year laundry will be a flat fee added to housing costs - which means UNLIMITED use of washers and driers. Maybe I'll do my laundry more than twice a quarter now.
  • 802.11b wireless throughout the dorm, courtyard and dining hall!
  • They're testing a new system for the outside doors. You either wave or swipe your ID card at a reader and it unlocks the door!
  • Alex is the first female RA *ever* on the third floor.
  • New dining hall - they're cooking in Branner, rather than shipping from Manzanita - but they restored the actual dining hall to its original glory. It's GORGEOUS, not sterile like I'd feared.
  • The courtyard between the lounge and the dining hall is BEAUTIFUL. It used to be run down and shitty, now it's amazing.

It's gonna rock. I'm so excited. :D :D :D

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