Holy shit, I just did the stupidest thing...
Okay, so I've got a Coke, and I've also got this packet of hot chocolate mix. (I was hungry, it tastes good... I'm weird.) So I think Hmm, what would happen if I poured this into here... so now I have a pile of cocoa powder on top of my icy Coke. of course it doesn't dissolve, so I go and take a sip. Oops. I inhale the powder and sneeze at the same time as I've got coke in my mouth... and suddenly I've got a noseful of bubbly soft drink and cocoa powder. Gaaaah that hurts. Take my word for it... don't try this at home!!!!
And, for the record, it tastes nasty, so all that work and pain for nothing! *GRRR*

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