it is a big island

so i'm here on the island of hawai'i, the big island, so big that all the other Hawaiian islands could fit on top of it. so far i've seen the town of kailua-kona, and the northern half of the island.
the sun is huge here, especially at sunset. (the zoom lens doesn't hurt either.)
so are the waves.
the landscapes are so varied, within a half hour drive you can go from completely barren desert to lush green rainforest...
there are so many microclimates on this island it's amazing. you can see many of them at once from some lookout points... and the sunsets over the ocean are always stunning.

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Cyde Weys said...

Awww man, it's tales and pictures like these that make me want to go to exotic places (and own a nice camera). As it is, I just have a mediocre camera and don't get to travel anywhere remotely as exciting as Hawai'i.