new pictures

new pictures up on my flickr site - i know, it's been forever. i've been taking mad pics, but not having internet at home* cripples my ability to upload them.

me and my little bear-kitty. :)

oh, also: just wanted to send out a teeny bit of condolence towards jared and tessa for the loss of their kitties. not TOO much condolence, mind you, since i still Officially Dislike both of them**, but maxwell and edward used to be my kitties too, so i'm sorry they're gone.

*do i mention this in every post? i think i do. i should shut up and order the intarweb, shouldn't i?

**though this might expire in a few weeks - i find it hard to hold a grudge for more than a year, especially when i am So Over it all. whatev.

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