when smart people do stupid, stupid things

have you ever done something so incredibly stupid, i mean unbelievably, insanely beyond belief retarded, and then watched how the events unfolded to an irrevocable end replay themselves over and over in your head?

browsing craigslist -> "ooh, inline skates. fun." -> purchasing said skates -> "i'll use them as transportation!" -> "i'll use them to get to the lab!"

this train of thought led to putting most sensitive, delicate, important piece of expensive machinery i own in my bag, strapping it to my back, and lacing up the brand-new skates. off i start, down the sidewalk.

um, i don't know how to *stop*. oops. the little foot-brake doesn't seem to do shit. fuck! fuck fuck! i'll go out into the street, get a little sideways action, maybe then i can stop. no, then i go careening out into the street, arms and legs akimbo, only to land on my ass - surprisingly not-hard.

duh. that's 'cause my computer cushioned the blow.


in retrospect, it all seems so unbelievably clear how bad an idea that was, and i suppose it could have been much, much worse. it's just a little out of kilter now - one corner is pretty dinged in - the corner with the power plug. at least the screen isn't broken, and the dvd drive appears to work, and the DVD that was inside didn't shatter, sending little plastic knives into the innards of the laptop. but now, the power cord won't stay in the port - it'll still *plug* in, but it pushes itself back out because of the odd new angle of the case.

jesus fucking christ. can you believe that i could possibly be THAT STUPID? (maybe if I bang on it with my head it'll fix itself.)


Steve said...

Kat, we all make mistakes. You have just proved you are fallible like the rest of us! Glad that you are OK apart from what you think about yourself.

Anonymous said...

Oh no! That sucks dude! Hey, you and me need to start rollerskating, I want to be in rollerderby. You should join in with me.

Tiffany S. said...

oops, that was me above.

kat said...

i'm not sure if i've got the guts for roller derby, plus doesn't that require the old-skool not-inline variety of skates? i've decided i'm going to become a terror on rollerblades. it's just... going to take a little more practice than i anticipated. plus... fewer hills than my neighborhood.