i've gotten up earlier both days this weekend than i did at all last week. saturday i had a volunteer orientation at the seattle aquarium, which was pretty cool. it's a bit of a time commitment but it should be fun... talking to kids about sea urchins and stuff. plus once you've put in 100 hours then you can move into the more behind-the-scenes stuff like animal husbandry or diving (if you're certified, which i'm not, but maybe someday!) so i'm pretty stoked about that

and then today i hit the slopes like a madwoman. i took the huski bus to stevens pass, which i'd never been to before, but it was pretty sweet. stevens is not a beginners mountain, and there's exactly 1 green run on the whole thing, but i didn't even start on the green, i started on the blues and was kicking some butt the whole time! go me. i was linking turns and going onto my toe edge even on the steepest parts, bombing down the slopes. it was rad. also i got to go in the singles line, which made lifts way faster. and also since it isn't a beginners mountain, there were very few snowboarders sitting on their butts on the slopes clogging it up for the rest of us. in fact parts of it were quite empty and the snow was beautiful and the weather was awesome but i am sunburned.

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