I've decided that I'm going to London this late summer/early fall. I've found a few great deals on round trip tickets (the lowest I've seen is $480 round trip) and I am hoping to stay here. That is, if I can get a reservation. easyHotel sounds like the absolute best thing in the world - check out the link. Rooms in central London from 5 pounds (don't know how to make the squiggly L thingy) a night. How fucking sweet is that??? I know the exchange rate is hardly favorable right now, but from what I can tell that means that tourism in Europe is hitting hard times, so they're making stuff cheaper.

So I'm looking at the end of August or beginning of September, and hopefully will be staying 10 days to 2 weeks. This whole trip is going to be done on the super-cheap, I'm going to just use the Tube to get places and do as much free stuff as I possibly can while avoiding the tourist traps. I am hoping to keep the whole trip under a grand. One thing I am definitely hoping to do that isn't cheap, however, is take the eurostar through the chunnel to Paris for maybe a night or two. Probably just one. But the Eurostar is only $60 one-way for "youth" (which is anyone under 26) so that's really not TOO much money. Anyway, if anyone wants to go with, let me know. I'd love to have a companion or two.

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carrie said...

pick me!

...if you can stand to have your little sister tagging along, that is.