I had the weirdest dream last night. I was wandering around Tim's dorm, I think. I was in this room across the hall from his room that doesn't really exist, that had 3 residents. I didn't think this was weird. I remember my two upper canine teeth coming loose. I couldn't stop wiggling them, either, like a child. Then they got really, really loose, and I had to keep pushing them into the sockets so they wouldn't fall out. I started to wonder if this was a dream. But, I had no way of telling. I remembered from psych class that one way of telling if you're dreaming is to turn a light switch and see if anything happens. If it does, you're not dreaming. So I found a light switch (funny, when I looked for one, I found about four, in the middle of a wall.) and flipped it. Several lights turned on and off, and the alarm clock's face turned to a different time. Dammit, I thought, the light switch did something, so I must not be dreaming. I think it's really weird the level of analysis that I was doing on this dream trying to find that it was a dream, and I couldn't see the obvious signs: my teeth were falling out, one person's bed being on the floor under the leg of another's bed, the room across the hall from Tim's being a triple not a single, finding four light switches just when i needed one... I really need to become more analytical in my dreams.

I've also managed to figure out what the teeth falling out or decaying or being ground away in my dreams means. It means I'm worried about something irrational, I think. I remember falling asleep after waking up at about 9:30 that morning, to discover I hadn't started my period in the night, so I thought I might be pregnant. And then the teeth thing happened in the dream. It's starting to make sense...

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