so it snowed last night, and then it got really cold. so the sidewalks and streets are perilous this morning... but it's really pretty! the forecast is for it to get up to a whopping 33 degrees today, and down to 19 tonight. brrr! 6 people showed up to my first class (usually, there are more like 20 or 30) and seattle schools, uw tacoma, and uw bothell all had classes cancelled today. but not us. grr.

pictures later today, or tomorrow, once i get them uploaded. it's icy!



someone in my building put in an unsecured wireless network. hallelujah! now i can spend all hours of the night watching a four-year-old play the drums. my life is now complete.

ah! but i could also see the new harry potter trailer. tasty.

i could probably even ramble in my good old trusty blog about stuff that's going on in my life, you know, like a blogger might do. like all the projects i have for school, or how the research is going, or how stoked i am to hit the slopes on friday.

instead, i am going to do the sensible thing and go to bed. with any luck, this internet will be here in the morning. (woohoo! i mean, don't steal internet!)

but first, here's one never before seen on the internets...



so, another week down. i'm confused; the weeks keep flying by, without my permission. this was the 5th week of the quarter, meaning that autumn quarter, which seems to have just begun, is actually half over. according to my countdown widget, i have 218 days until graduation. that's not so far at all.

le sigh. how does time keep going so quickly?